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About Us

The beginning of GA AIRCON, like that of other successful market leaders, was simple. it was established in response to a clear need for top-quality air conditioning solutions in Cambodia; over the past years we have built up our successes based on our ability to meet that important need for both companies and residences.

Against all odds, we successfully introduced the world's top air-conditioning brand, Daikin, into the Cambodia market and we have subsequently established a strong corporate presence. In particular, we are now the leader in the market of the highly regarded VRV (Variable Refrigerant Volume) inverter. Aside from bringing to you the best products in the best products in the industry, we are the first company to offer 24/7 after-sales service via our expertly trained and fully equipped technical team.

Whether it be a commercial or residential project, our relentless drive for quality guides all our operations, entailing an exciting and never-ending challenge for everyone and GA AIRCON. From just 10 staff members in 2004, we are now a team of over 100 qualified professionals. I look back today with pride and gratitude toward all the customers that GA AIRCON has served.

With great enthusiasm and confidence, I invite you to look through the pages of our company profile, the end to visit GA AIRCON and see for yourself our commitment to providing you with first-class air-conditioning solutions.

GA AIRCON is proud of offering and one-stop shop solution to its clients, handling all aspects of a project from the initial design and installation through to the after-sales servicing and scheduled maintenance.

GA GIRCON is Cambodia’s first choice for commercial, industrial and domestic air conditioning solutions.

Our Mission:

  • To provide best-value products, and services for our customers need, and giving competent and relevant technical advice and information on our GA AIRCON range of air conditioning products, in order to ensure customers loyalty and pride.
  • To build a cohesive GA AIRCON community among staff by providing opportunities for growth through continuous personal development and training.
  • To maximize returns for all shareholders through enhancement of values and to safeguard their interest in GA AIRCON

Our Vision:

To be a progressive and leading Cambodian organization in the distribution and installation of commercial and resident air conditioning system with vigorous after sales support services.